No matter what stage of the journey of faith that you are on, Kaptivate is open to you to participate or explore. Followers of Jesus are ordinary, everyday people who come from all walks of life. Many were raised as believers, others discovered the reality of God's existence sometime later in life, while others are still seeking an encounter and searching for answers to their questions about faith. Everyone is welcome.

Kaptivate is a new faith community dedicated to deepening our devotion to God, experiencing His presence and encouraging people to become radical disciples. We all have a past which is so often marked by mistakes, failures and regret. Kaptivate is a gathering of people walking confidently in the forgiveness and hope only God can offer us. Come as you are because we know: Nobody is perfect. We are a community of new beginnings and second chances: Compelled to build our lives on the model Jesus calls us to imitate. 

When people are open to the voice and leading of God Anything is possible. We are taking what is normal in the realms of Heaven and translating those principles into life here on Earth - That supernatural exchange makes life extraordinary. Being an advocate for the Kingdom of God is the most exciting and unpredictable lifestyle, where so many principles of living require passion and an extreme measure of trust. So come to Kaptivate expectant!

 Everyone Welcome

Nobody Perfect


Anything Possible 




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