There is a vertical paradigm as we gather together to worship God and learn more about His will and purposes for our lives. Every Church group has a different way of expressing that worship. There is also a horizontal paradigm as we seek to encourage and build up others in the faith (build community) or reach out to those who have never heard about Jesus. That horizontal paradigm doesn't finish at the edges of our  meetings, it flows out into the community and has no limits.


When we describe "Church" we like to use the analogy of the gathered and scattered Church. We gather in order to be built up and become most effective when we are scattered throughout our community in schools, work places and our neighbourhoods. Both contexts are so important. If we simply stay in a holy huddle, then we operate like a segregated club removed from the people who need the message and hope we carry. If we never gather, we suffer the consequences of isolation and miss the benefits derived from common unity.


We are always the Church, because the church is simply about people. The Church is not a place we go too.

The mindset that we are an unstoppable force of Gods representatives here on earth, changes the perspective of being a consumer sitting in a seat in a building - Into activation toward ministry, being ready and equipped to impart the truth and power of the Kingdom of God.


Ultimately we see Church as a workshop not entertainment. Our goal is to train, equip and release people into ministry - Not for a select few to monopolize ministry or for the paid professionals to entertain. 

Gathering for times of worship, prayer and studying the Word of God are vital, but we emphasize the other 6 days of the week to be equally important in living a dynamic Christian life. 


So come and form part of our new community of faith with people that are passionate, authentic, serious about making a difference across our nation, in these uncertain days.




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