K.I.S. - Keeping Church Simple

 Kaptivate has a simple style and structure: We endeavor for our deepest connection to occur in Home Churches, which meet mid week with the intention of building intimate relationships and journeying together in a tight knit community.

We also meet corporately on a fortnightly basis, where we enjoy dynamic worship, preaching and activation of ministry. Don't come to be entertained; come to contribute and participate. We describe our Church services as a workshop format of Church where everyone is equipped and encouraged to participate in encouraging/ministering to each others needs. Yes we have leaders, preaching and worship, but our heavy emphasis is the priesthood of

all believers - We take that literally and believe a corporate gathering should allow for openness to the Spirit and exercising of gifts - Body ministry.

On the alternate weekends, we gather in a variety of places and context for fellowship. Quality of Lifestyle is so important in our busy lives and our goal is to foster a friendly fun community that connects everyone together in a laid back relaxed setting. We may meet at the beach for a swim, at a park for a BBQ, at a national park for a walk or join in a community event. In the end what we do isn't as critical as just gathering to enjoy company, bring friends and live life.

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