Missing in Action

Every time I reread or study the book of Acts it disturbs me how much of a gulf there is between the power encounters, deliverances, miracles and healings we see through the ministry of the Apostles and how impotent the western Church appears to be. It's easy to be an armchair critic and bag out the Church - No points for that. But there is a vast difference in comparing the two. I wonder have we gone soft? Have we been deceived into an anti supernatural expectation and mindset? have we had a lack of equipping and training in things of the Spirit. Or is it a combination of all those factors and no doubt more? I suspect we don't need to discover a "new thing" in God, we just need to go back to the patterns laid down by the early Church and re-instill and reposition ourselves to enter the fray of advancing the Kingdom without fear or doubt. I visited New Earth Tribe Church in Byron Bay a few weeks ago and saw deliverance on a scale I have never witnessed before. People renouncing worldly philosophies and occult practices, new age mindsets and the resultant deliverance was obvious for all to witness. It reminded me of the revival in Ephesus when people began to burn their idols and turn way from sorcery. I don't have all the answers, but I know the Church and therefore every believer needs renewed power to breakthrough the strongholds in our society and overcome what the enemy has taken.

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